We live in a world of overabundance. Yet sometimes we wake up in the morning thinking about not enough.

Thoughts race through our minds.

I don’t have enough time.

I didn’t get enough sleep.

I didn’t exercise enough.

I didn’t finish such and such report..

Not enoughness starts our day.

This trickles down to not enough money.

We live our life based on SCARCITY.

Everything is scarce.

Time, Money, Relationships.

When we get sucked into this belief system (and most of us are deeply embedded).

Here is what happens..

Our lives become hurried.

Rushing to get from one thing to the next..

We have a chronic sense of being inadequate.

This becomes the lens in which we view our world.

What does this create in our everyday life?

A sense of unfulfillment..

Prejudice, Jealousy and Greed.

Fear that we would not have enough to take care of ourselves and our families..

To overcome these feelings we chase..

Money, Relationships and everything in between..

The chase creates a disconnect from our core values.

This is a vicious cycle of NEVER ENOUGH.

The way out is to ground yourself in the feeling of ABUNDANCE

I have enough.

I did enough.

I am enough

Keep repeating these thoughts and until your feelings shift

Keep a daily list of everything you have in abundance.

This will start to create an abundance shift in your life!!