Eight years ago, I embarked on a road trip to Williamsburg, VA. My ex husband and I had separated and the kids and I wanted to go away for a week over summer holidays.

There was one major problem with this idea.

I didn’t know how to pump gas.

Yep, true story. Never actually pumped gas.

My ex husband always took care of car related things, including making sure the tank was always full.

I did get around locally because I knew of a few gas stations in the area where they had full service.

So what did I do? I came up with a plan.

I planned to have my tank filled before I left home.

I asked the attendant to show me how to pump gas.

Once I saw my tank was getting empty, I stopped and pumped my own gas.

I still remember the fear and anxiety I felt with two kids in the car and far from home.

But I kept going because the vision of a holiday was strong in my mind.

The extent of my plan was knowing the first step and asking for help..

What made me come up with this plan?.

Travelling brings me joy and I wasn’t willing to give up my joy.

I didn’t know all the steps of how to get there.

I knew the first step; which was how to full my tank at home..

I asked for help in how to pump gas.

I made to Williamsburg that summer and I spent a week relaxing in the pool, eating out and sightseeing with the kids..

More importantly, I was not the same person who left home the week prior.

I came back from vacation and filed for a divorce.

And the rest as they say is history..

Every time I have a vision of something that I want to do but scares the living daylights out of me..

I remember the road trip to Virginia.

Strong desire to do something that would bring me joy.

I know that anxiety and fear would be sitting next to me as I am driving..

I know that I do not know of all the pieces to the plan..

I have to keep the vision strong in my mind..

Because this is what keeps us chasing after things our heart desires.

Whether it is a dream job, a dream home or a dream vacation.

You can do it.