One of the books I was required to read during my Life Coach Training was Byron Katie’s Loving What Is. This is where I learned to become aware of my thoughts and start questioning them.

60,000 thoughts are running through our minds on a daily basis.

From the moment we wake up right until we fall to asleep.

Sometimes thinking as we are sleeping.

And yes, these thoughts show up as dreams.

When you start paying attention to your thoughts and becoming more self – aware you may start to realize how much you are thinking about other people.

These thoughts may show up as;

“She should not have taken her kids to see that movie”

“She shouldn’t spend her money on that shirt/furniture/vacation”

“He’s so lazy”

We can go on and on in a thought loop.

This may even show up when someone has a problem and wants to vent but does not want to take action or find a solution to their problem.

You may (as I did) get into the “Fix-it” mode.

Fixing other people’s lives for them.

This could go on and on for days/weeks/years..

Eventually a Lifetime.


Once you start paying attention about whose business your are in (your own versus other people) you begin to weed out situations that are of no concern to you.

What will happen is that you will be left with a lot of free time and space in your brain.

This is where you can turn the attention of yourself.

Find out who you are.

Who are you? Why are you here?

What are your dreams?

What would you love to do if no one is judging you?

Or you just won the lottery and don’t need your current job?

I am inviting you to become more aware of your thoughts.

If you find yourself caught up in OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS.

Gently turn your attention to yourself.

Live your own life.

The one precious life your have been blessed with..