There is a lot of talk about energy vampires in the self-help realm these days. Who are these people? What do we need to know about them? And more importantly, how can you protect yourself from them?

Here is the scoop..

An energy vampire is someone who sucks the lifeblood out of you. They seek constant attention and when you provide it, they feed off of the reaction they get from you. They are the people who stir the pot so to speak. They create drama and sit back and watch it unfold.. Here are some character traits..

Charming and charismatic. These people are the life of the party. They are the ones who will be dancing on top of the table. They are very fun and entertaining to be around. They are usually surrounded by minions who hold onto every word they are saying.

They have a complete disregard for right and wrong. Vampires are model citizens when no one is looking. However, behind closed doors, it’s another story. The vampire will let loose and that is when the side dark surfaces.

They are extremely concerned about looking good to the outside world. Their self-esteem is derived from everything outside of themselves. So a vampire is very careful about what house they live in or what car they drive. Their image is carefully crafted to appear a certain way.

They take no responsibility for their behavior. They have no remorse and a complete lack of empathy. They screw you up, rip you off and then turn around and blame you for it.

They have a victim story. Often a vampire sucks you in with a sad story. “My wife left me and took all of my money” “I had a really bad childhood” “I can’t find a job and need some money to help me pay my bills”. Once you are hooked into feeling sorry for them, then BINGO. They are now feeding off of the lifeline you are willingly providing.

Vampires are natural predators and they are constantly on the lookout for their next feeding. They look for someone who..

Wants to take care of others and see the goodness of other people despite evidence to the contrary.

Always wants to uplift a situation or someone.

Is loyal and overgiving.

Want to “fix” people. Especially vampires whose victim story is about some hard knocks she or he had in life.

Who has an inner childhood wound of not being loved or accepted.

Here is how to protect yourself..

Access your relationships. Who are the vampires? Pay close attention to how you feel when you are interacting with this person. Do you they only want to talk about themselves? How are you they able to get attention from you? Remember energy vampires are very skillful are getting your attention and feed off whatever reaction you provide.

You must assume that an energy vampire will never change. According to statistics, these individuals are highly motivated to continue their harmful behavior simply because it works for them. You must put yourself first and focus on yourself.

Strong boundaries. Say no to the vampire and see what happens. Usually, the vampire will fly into a fit of rage or will stonewall you. Remember a vampire is after your time, energy and money. Keep a tight handle on what matters to you and see how your life unfolds with healthier relationships!