Dopamine Hit

This week, I had  conversation with some friends about approval.

I am really busy at work and kicking ass and meeting all the deadlines with ease.

I am driven to get the work done and get it done effectively and on time.

Mind you I find this work unfulfilling and boring, yet I do it.

What I am noticing is that things that directly benefit me I am not so driven..


Then I realized that getting the higher ups approval..

Is like a dopamine hit for me.

I get high when someone approves of me.

Holy Shit.

I started thinking about how this has shown up in my life before and then had an aha moment.

I wanted my ex hushand’s love and approval.

So I gave him lots of money.

Money for grad school.

Money for vacation.

Money for approval.

Certain personality types sniff you out when you are looking for approval.

They can tell from a mile away and latch unto you like crazy glue.

Sometimes they give you approval and  sometimes they won’t..

Then you are left feeling empty.

So this begs the following questions..

How can we love and approve of ourselves?

Give ourselves our own dopamine hit?

Our own high just because we are so awesome and love ourselves??

Here is what I plan to do..

Write 3 things down everyday that I love about myself.

Spend one minute looking at a mirror and acknowledging how awesome I am..

Create a list of the things I do want to do and the benefit to me in doing them..

How are you going to show love and approval for yourself?

Remember this may show up as more money in the bank!

Write me back and let me know..

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