I get asked a lot about my motivation level..

What keeps me going?

I juggle many things..

My to-do list can seem daunting at times.

I do sometimes struggle with motivation..

I am a pleasure-loving Taurus and have to bribe myself with daily rewards.

For me, it can’t be all work and no play.

I live for my daily treats however small.

It is the only thing that motivates me to get anything done.

My behavior is motivated only by immediate rewards.

Humans are amazingly good at deferring rewards,

However, we tire of things that do not bring us immediate gratification.

You have to bribe yourself to things done.

The more difficult and uncomfortable the task, the bigger the bribe must be..

Bribes or treats provide short-term gratification to sustain our happiness.

Therefore, I have set up a reward system in place to keep me going.

I have a minimum of three rewards every day.

I set my intention daily for my treats.

I track my treats just like I track my money.

Every. Single. Day.

Here is what you need to start doing immediately

  1. Make a list of 10 small delights or treats for you (anything that makes you smile) this list could be situations, people or objects that lend a sparkle to your life. These have to be highly personalized.
  2. Portion out the treats;  you need to be careful portioning out your treats. Always give yourself a treat when you finish a task. The more risky or uncomfortable the task the bigger the treat.
  3. The suggested time frame is one earlier in the day, one late afternoon. Two treats a day is a bare minimum.
  4. If you have resistance about treating yourself, find a friend who will give you permission. But be very selective who you ask to fill that job.  A workaholic friend or partner you could end up mistreating yourself very badly.

The level of enjoyment you will receive once you’ve set up a reward system in place will far outweigh the small and humble size of the treats you have doled out to yourself daily.

I hope you start doing this practice immediately and come up with small (and large) ways to treat yourself daily!!