How to Take Your Money Power Back
My relationship with money was always very relaxed. I knew how much I earned and I kinda sort of knew vaguely about my expenses. There was always an abundant flow. My wake up call was when I was no longer working and got divorced. I relied on my ex husband for child support and alimony. And there was never enough.
That did not sit well with me at all. It was very disempowering to have to spend within a constrained budget and saying no to the things I enjoyed doing.
I had given my money power away.
I made a promise to myself to start working again.  And I eventually got a job as a Financial Consultant.
From there on I started getting clear about my financial goals.
What was I earning and spending?
Was my spending in alignment with my values?
Do I earn enough to live the life I wanted to create for myself and my children?
These are the questions I asked myself as I began to understand and own money.
Most women are afraid and nervous to look at their finances. Why? Because they may feel incompetent when it comes to numbers and money.
Most women have given their money power away. Whether you are divorced or not, my guess is that you have to limit your spending:
  • You feel guilty about spending too much money on clothes.
  • Or spending excessively on the kids in a way your husband wouldn’t agree with.
  • Or going on an extra girls vacation.

The list could go on and on.

Managing your personal finances can be very empowering.
Think about going out to lunch with a friend and not worrying about asking your husband about paying the bill?
How about saving for a vacation with your girlfriends?
Is this something you can entertain in your current situation?
Because you know EXACTLY how much you can spend and how to make things happen.
This week, I invite you to answer these questions:
  1. What do you want to earn?
  2. How much do you want to spend on activities that bring you joy?
  3. How much do you want to spend on necessities of life?
  4. How much money would you like to have saved?
And if you need help, here’s a gift to get you started.