Yesterday, I coached someone who was very upset because she did not get the recognition she deserved for a project she worked on.

She felt angry and upset.

She went over and beyond what was required of her..

Yet, the project leader did not recognize her efforts.

Instead, he named two other members of her team as the winners of the team award..

My friend ranted and raved..

“They did not work as hard as I did”

“Clearly he favors them for reasons other than the effort they put in”

I allowed my friend to feel into her rage..

I let her rant for a few minutes..

Then I told her she had to let it go..

Feel the anger, the unfairness of it..

Let the emotions pass through your body and..


She was mad at me..

“Let it go???”

“No way” she said..

Here is what I explained to her..

Take your power back.

No one decides whether you should be recognized or not..

You have to be the ONE who recognizes and APPROVES of you..

OWN the fact that you worked your tail off..

YOU rocked that project..

YOU came up with all the ideas on how to be more efficient and effective.

YOU give it your ALL.

And therefore, you RECOGNIZE your own SELF..

I let that sink in for a moment.

I saw the uncertainty in her eyes.

Hmmm, she was wondering..”Can I try on this new way of thinking?”

“How does it feel?”, I asked

“Better”, she answered..

Here is the thought..

I approve of myself..

Say it out loud..

How does it feel?

I hope you feel peaceful..