The first step to financial freedom is to understand your MONEY STORY. 

How do you feel about money? Is money like an elusive boyfriend, there one moment and gone the next?

Do you feel worthy of having MORE MONEY?

This is a big one for women. Their self-worth shows up as their money worth.

Is there never enough money?

The way we feel about money is directly related to our thoughts about money.

A bunch of limiting thoughts jumbled together make up our money story. Our money story is usually inherited from our old childhood beliefs. These stories may evolve our time as we incorporate our life experiences into the mix of things.

My money story showed varied according to my life circumstances. Before I was divorced, I lived in the abundance mindset where money flowed in and out freely.

Right after my divorce, I took on an entirely different money story which basically meant that since I was a single parent I was incapable to earning enough to live a life of my dreams.

Mind you nothing else changed.

It was only a money story change which was reflected in my bank account.

The money stories we tell ourselves show up as results in our lives. Do you feel there isn’t enough money saved? Are you afraid to check your bank balance? Do you feel anxious when paying your bills or making normal everyday purchases?

These thoughts we have regarding money creates the result in our lives.

If you feel you do not have enough money you are not going to have enough money. That’s how this works. Your bank balance will not be enough. You will not earn enough.

The way we can turn this around is by incorporating gratitude in our lives.

One of the practices I do in the morning before I start my day is to practice gratitude.

Find three things you are grateful for and stay in that feeling of gratitude for a five minutes every day.

You can write them down in a gratitude journal or go over in your head while you are making yourself a cup of coffee.

The point is to keep it simple and easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Have fun with this exercise and let me know how it goes!!