Helping Women Get Smart About Money

Are you tired of not having enough money?
Are you constantly worried about how to spend less and earn more?

I understand. I went through this too.

I went through a divorce…And came out the other side

And I know what it is to be in charge of my own financial future.

But it was a hard process for me. One where I was scared, anxious and overwhelmed. But most importantly – I was alone.

Perhaps you are even hiding and avoiding looking at your bank balances and praying that you have enough cash to pay your bills.

Imagine if you could have more clarity on your money story, manage your expenses and learn how to earn more money.

I am Mala Dukhi, CPA and Money Coach. I have been trained by no other than Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah Winfrey’s Life Coach. I’ve worked for several top NYC Accounting Firms for over 20 years. I am best known for my money brilliance, my compassion and integrity. I help women understand their money story, debunk limiting beliefs and increase their financial abundance.

Most importantly – I make keeping, saving and making more money simple, doable, and within your reach immediately!

The first step is to sign up for my free gift:

7 Steps to Manifesting More Money in 90 Days!

These steps are easy to understand, requires very little time and can fit into your daily routine with no effort at all!

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7 Steps to Manifesting More Money in 90 Days

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